Water Filtration

Whole House water filtration
These two Aquapure water filters were installed within the main domestic water supply circuit to filter out calcium sediment (limescale) that often appears in well water throughout Vashon Island. This particular house required a 1 1/4" water supply therefore the two filters were mounted together on a custom made steel bracket with 1" piping in parallel.

On this same system we included a Sanitron ultra-violet filter to eliminate any microorganisms suspended in the water. The entire system was piped so that each component could be isolated and serviced at any time without affecting it's normal flow and function. In addition, when there is no domestic water demand the system recirculates the water continuously and when needed it can be backflushed from the furthest plumbing fixture in the house. These three Amitrol tanks were required to provide enough charge for the fire supression system (required by code in most remodels and new construction projects on Vashon).